It Really Is All About Stress

Wouldn't it be nice if we could figure out the one cause of every single medical diagnosis known, as well as what could be done to treat them all? One cause, one cure?

Sorry to say, it just is not that simple, or is it.

Regardless of what kind of affliction or diagnosis someone may be suffering from, they all have one common denominator. It is always a reflection of stress in some form, and how our body adapts to that stress.

Stress comes in three basic forms. Physical, Chemical and Emotional. I have yet to find a single medical condition that can not be attributed to our bodies in-ability to adapt to one of or a combination of those three stress factors.

Our bodies are designed brilliantly and with purpose, to adapt to it's environment. Our environment is everything in and around us and provides constant input to our bodies so we can adapt, survive and thrive successfully. We are exposed to good and bad stress and depending on how well we responds to those stresses determines how we feel and function.

Good stress and adapting to that stress improves our ability to function. Exercise is a good stress. Eating healthy is a good stress. Thinking positively is a good stress.

Bad stress causes the body to decrease its ability to function. Sitting all day is a bad stress. Eating junk food all the time is a bad stress. Stinking thinking is a bad stress. These things impair our ability to adapt successfully and will cause dysfunction.

What we expose ourselves to regularly have a direct impact on our health and ability to adapt. If being exposed to germs literally caused us to get sick then we would not have any Doctors or Nurses working. They would all be at home or in the hospital being sick. Health care providers are exposed to germs all the time which causes our bodies to develop effective immune system responses to those exposures. This is an example of a form of stress and the body learning to adapt to it.

A fantastic opportunity exists for all of us in recognizing the very real fact that we can control and or modify the types of stress we regularly expose ourselves to and have a positive impact on our health. Either by reducing the bad stresses or improving your ability to adapt to stress will make you healthier.

James D. McLelland D.C.
Richmond Chiropractic Physician

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