Joint Complex Dysfunction

"Joint Complex Dysfunction (JCD) has been described by D.Cs, PTs and MDs. All agree that reduced mobility and stiffness are common manifestations of this lesion. Restoring mobility is often a primary objective of treatment. Muscle functional imbalances such as tightening, shortening and trigger points are intimately associated with joint hypermobility/hypomobility & are components of JCD. Muscles develop weakness or tightness in typical imbalance patterns, which promote faulty movement patterns, an essential component of JCD. It is likely that Joint Complex Dysfuntion develops before pain is generated. Connective tissue, disk and muscle pathology (degeneration & atrophy) without any symptoms can exist in asymptomatic and apparently healthy individuals."

Seaman DC, MS, DABCN. JMPT 1997;20(9): 634-644.